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Crossroads Learning Center is a daycare center based in Howell, MI. We provide child care for children ages 11 and under. Our programs include a variety of educational, recreational, and hands-on activities! Our facility is located inside of Crossroads Apostolic Church!

Our program goal is to offer the children of Howell, MI a safe and nurturing learning environment.

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Our daycare facility

Programming for your Child's Success

We provide childcare for children 11 and under! 

Infants & Toddlers

Our teachers offer a nurturing environment to learn and play.


Play-based preschool program to develop and refine skills.


Afterschool child care. Limited Enrollment Available!

Committed to you

We are Committed to Quality Care

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The classroom is equipped with opportunities for sensory exploration including toys such as rattles, textured blocks, mirrors, age-appropriate books, balls, puzzles and different styles of music.

This encourages your child to begin to discover their new world and explore ways to manipulate and interact with their environment. Throughout all of this, our caregivers incorporate literacy-based activities through reading stories, music, singing, and practicing alphabetical sounds.

These activities work together to stimulate language development. In addition to fine-motor skills, we will work with your child as they move towards greater independence on gross motor skills such as rolling, sitting, crawling and eventually walking. We encourage lots of tummy-time to help facilitate development in these areas.

Learn more on our Infants & Toddlers page.

We stress building a partnership with each family by exchanging information both verbally and through written daily reports.

This sharing of information between the family and classroom is critical to the proper care of each child and this is a top priority for us. We use a Daily Information Sheet for each child to record mealtimes, bottles, naps, diapering, as well as specific information that impacts that baby’s well-being each day. Parents fill out their section of the sheet at drop-off, then staff members record pertinent information throughout the day.

At day’s end, teachers note special things your child did that day, as well as reminders to parents for supplies or other needs.

Learn more about our Infants & Toddlers program.

The schedule is determined by the needs of each child. We know that babies have very individual eating and sleeping patterns, and we follow these natural rhythms. We refer to this as on-demand scheduling. Their bottles and naps will be given to them as needed.

Learn more about our Infants & Toddlers program.

Lesson plans are posted on our Parent Information Board. The teachers plan for daily, developmentally appropriate activities using the Creative Curriculum and the Zoophonics curriculum. We also coach the children on being Bucket Fillers. Our Choice Time encourages learning with the child choosing a developmentally appropriate activity in an open-ended setting. We follow the “Plan, Do, Review” process during this time. During Group meeting and Small groups, a carefully planned curriculum fosters self-control and attention-span.

Learn more about the Preschool Program.

CLC assesses your child’s growth and development throughout the year using the 38 objectives of Creative Curriculum GOLD. This assessment is aligned with Michigan Early Childhood Standards of Quality for Pre-Kindergarten. It is also the same assessment used for Michigan’s Kindergarten Entry Assessment. Using authentic observations, anecdotal records, work samples and more, your child’s teachers will create a portfolio of them which you will be able to review at each of the three checkpoints through the school year. In addition, we will schedule two parent/teacher conferences during the school year to discuss your child’s progress and develop strategies for us to partner with you to further their development. Of course, we are available any time to answer questions or give support.

Learn more about the Preschool Program.

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Daycare Howell, MI Reviews

What our Lovely Family Says

Testimonials from our daycare parents. Please visit our Google listing or Facebook profile for more reviews.

Jessica Mace - Parent

“Crossroads Learning Center is so much more than a daycare to us. Our kids have been attending since 2015 and the center has become like a second home to each of them over the years.

Between the amazingly loving staff, notable cleanliness and licensing adherence standards, yummy meals cooked in-house, creative and engaging learning plans, and fun outdoor activities for every season, we have continued to be blown away by our kids’ experience and the memories they are making.

Miss Brie and her team truly love all of the kids they care for, and it shows. The Crossroads team IS family to us; we are so lucky to have found them!”

Elizabeth Prouty - Parent

 “Absolutely love the care and education my children have received at CLC. 

My son attended from the age of 14 weeks old until he entered kindergarten and absolutely thrived. They showed him love and compassion daily along with a curriculum that he enjoyed and learned from. 

My daughter is now two and a half and has attended since she was 8 weeks old. When she started at CLC there were no reservations about starting her so early. I knew she would receive the love and care needed. Fast forward to now and my daughter is learning and loving her “school day”. I could not ask for better childcare to care for my children.” 

Joe and Bekah - Parents

“Crossroads Learning Center is not the first child care center we have used for our family, but it is our favorite!

The staff is so nice and welcoming… The teachers greet us every morning with smiles and friendly words (even teachers from other classrooms greet us). [Our children] are always happy to see their teachers and our toddler never wants to leave at the end of the day!

The friendly staff, the amazing art projects, the flexibility with scheduling… and the pictures you post on Facebook of our kids having fun at school really make it a lot easier to leave our children in your care because we know they are having a great time and that they are in excellent and loving hands! Thank you Crossroads for everything you do!”

Erika - Parent

“We have been with Crossroads Learning Center for 3 years and our daughter (5 years old) and son (1 year old) both currently attend.

We love the family atmosphere of Crossroads, and we know that all of the teachers know and love our children. We also know that our children are learning so much every day! Our daughter is more than ready for kindergarten, and our son will be more than ready for preschool when the time comes.

We also love the summer program and field trips that our daughter gets to go on, including the Howell Nature Center, Howell Aquatic Center, the Howell Library, Bounce gymnastics, and more! We couldn’t be happier and would recommend Crossroads Learning Center to anyone.”


Inside our Facility

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